Hull Re-spray on a 24ft Sailing yacht (Bilge keel)

This 24ft bilge keel had a couple of jobs for us to complete, back in late 2012 mainly the respray of the hull and lines, however the owner opted to have the hull blasted to remove old anti-foul.
While she was in the shed we fitted a new rubbing strake.

Hull blast along with both keels, the keel were then epoxy coated with 5 coats of Corro-tech.
2 keel seams applied using Sikaflex.
2 coats of primer (Gel shield 2000) followed by 2 coats of International Micron Extra in Black.
The hull was then re-taped and a new boot-top line was applied using Trilux (White)
The Respray – Upon receiving the boat we carried out a walk around inspection to check for any defects, all are noted and the owner was informed.
First we sanded the hull flat, then taped up and covered the boat with polythene sheeting.
We primed the hull with 5 coats of 545 epoxy primer.
This was followed by a complete sand of the hull, all fine line tape was replaced if required.
Any filling and faring of the hull was done, touching in with 545 and re-sanding where required.


The topside were the sprayed  with  Awlcraft 2000, Flag Blue, this was allows to harden off for 2 days, we the re-taped in preparation to paint the light blue lines down the hull, the ine areas were sanded and prepper, the 5 coats applied of Awlcraft, SkyBlue was applied.
While in the workshop the owner opted to have a new rubbing strake fitted, JWs supplied all the parts for this, they were all fitted and finished with a sikaflex bead join around the rubbing strake.

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