Azumit 38 Teak floor install and storage fabrication

This project was carried out in 2013/14 here at Southsea Marina.

The first stage of the project was for the old carpet flooring to removed from the saloon, cabin hallway, galley and steering area.
The areas were then cleaned and any old glue/bonding materials removed.
We then template the new flooring areas ready for the 12mm teak and holly plywood, templates are cut and dry fitted in place.
Once all parties are in agreement the flooring is varnished with 5 coats then fitted and sealed with Sikaflex.

Next to section was a repair to the aft teak deck, the rotten sections were cut away and the area cleaned ready for new teak.
New decking was fitted in place, all the seams were sanded, ready for priming.
We then applied sikaflex primer and sikaflex 290 Deck caulking, the whole area was sanded back to unify in with the rest.

The owner also needed a combined storage for life rafts and seating area.
We measure and templated the area, fabricated a mould for the unit, gel coated the mould and fibre glassed the new pod.
Broke the pod out of the mould, cleaned up and polished to finish.
This was then fitted to the boat, 2 locker lids were fabricated along with 2 life raft pods, finally we fabricated a new fibre glass back rest and fitted this.

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