Collision Damage on Sigma 38

The owner contacted JWS Marine Services to estimate on the damage caused on collision with an item in the water, the boat was under sail at the time and had come to a complete stop.

Luckily the owner was able to motor her back to Southsea Marina and the next day the boat was lifted out of the water for the initial inspection.

On inspection it was found that the keel had cracked along the keel plate and also the keel bolts that hold the keel in place were damaged also.
JWS Supplied a cost to remove the keel and clean the area up etc, working with a surveyor, unfortunately after a lengthy chat with the him and the owner it was agreed the old keel was beyond repair, and a new one would be required.
JWS instructed Iron Brothers to supply the complete keel as to the spec requested.

Additional work was required to the hull matrix’s as this was completely fractured, this had to be cut away and all was replaced.
We removed all the old anti-foul from the hull and re-applied new hull lines.

Finally the new keel was fitted and new hull/keel join applied and all re-commissioned.

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