Dehler 41 – Spray Hull

Here is a Dehler 41, came into the workshop for a re-spray during may 2018.
We sanded the hull and carried out a vapor test on hull before works, this is done to check there are no problems with the paint/hull structure when using this paint as it mat react to certain substrates on the hull, we also checked for any defects on hull.

The hull was them cleaned off and the Awlcraft 545 primer coats were applied, once applied the hull was sanded and re-taped. We then washed down the hull with hot water, allowed this to dry before carrying out a chemical clean.
The Awlcraft 2000 topcoats were then applied, colour flag blue. Re-tape the cravita line and water lines we removed cover tape to show old line markings, sanding all lines and washed down, these were then applied using a spray application, colour snow white. De-taped and areas cleaned up.

The removal of transfer from hull and transom, we took lots of pictures and measurements when removing old decals, we then contacted a external company for the Dehler 41 decal and also the dehler logo. The boats name we so supplied.
We finished the job off with the application of antifoul, Micron Extra 350 was used in this application.
We also heavy grinded the keel , applied rust stopper and an epoxy coat.


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