Insurance work – Keel damage following a collision

A Dufour 2800 came to us in 2014 with suspected keel damage following a collision with an unknown submerged object.
Up the insurer approval we started the job by assembling a cradle for the keel before prepping all the keel bolts for removal.
The keel bolts were removed form the hull.

A basic clean of the keel and the bolts was carried out as follows –
Keel was tented up ready for grinding, then a light grind to remove the rust back to a good metal, we then applied a rust inhibitor followed by Chromite paint.
All keel bolts were wired brushed and all landing cleaned and prepped.

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Upon removal of the keel there was some fracturing found on the laminate face of the hull, we had to repair this by grinding back the hull join in way of fracture, laminate back to good glass then re-laminate area back to orginal thickness.

All was fill and faired ready for keel refit.

The drop pin rollers were all removed and checked to be ok, all assemble was then refitted in preperation for refitting of the keel.

The keel was refitted and a seal was made anround the join, the lift and drop of the keel was checked before before recradleing

All was sanded, primed and antifouled.


Some rope and other debris had got wrapped around the propeller so we removed this and gave the prop a good clean.

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