Keel Removal on a 36ft Sweden Sailing Yacht

Came to us back in 2016 with keel damage caused by a grounding.
Our first job was to supply a cradle for the boat to sit in once the keel had been removed.
The interior removal was the next job, all interior in way of keel studs had to be removed so access could be gained, the studs were prepped for removal with all nuts and washer being removed then each stud removed one at a time, the studs were then kept safe ready for re-fitting, all nuts and washers were cleaned ready for re-fitting.
The keel was then ready to be removed from the hull, as always we had assistance with this from Southsea Marina, using their hoist we removed the keel and the hull was placed on the cradle and strapped down until refitting of the keel.

The keel and keel matrix for the hull was cleane using Sikaflex surface cleanerand all new sealent for the job supplied.

Then again with the marina assistance we hoisted the hull above the keel and refitted, we then applied a keel seam followed by a primer coaton the area worked.

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