Mast Re-spray on a Oyster 45

This boat came to us in 2014 one of the job requested was for the mast to be re-sprayed.

First the mast was removed, all running rigging was stripped on all spreader and all fixings.

We had riggers remove the standard rigging and refit on completion of works

All internal lines were strippedĀ  where necessary with mouse lines being left for refitting.

All fitting were marked, measured and fitting left on mast were taped up.

The mast was sanded, we then treated all exposed alloy with an etching primer (4 coats) we then gave the whole thing a light sand before apply 5 coats of 545 primer.

The mast was sanded for a 3rd time and any spot filling required carried out before 545 epoxy coating applied (4 coats)

The mast and parts was tag ragged down and hovered in preparation for top coat.

In this application we used Awlcraft 2000 Snow white, applying 5 coats before refitting all fitting back onto mast.

A final clean of the mast was done before it was handed back on to the riggers for refitting.

We also re-sprayed her hull lines, take look here – Line Re-spray on Oyster 45

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