New teak deck on Najad 390

This is a teak deck replacement project we carried out on Najad 390 during 2015.

This section of pictures shows the old sealant/bonding agent being removed from the deck area, this was followed filling and fairing of the deck in preparation for the new teak deck.

The following pictures show the margins being cut and fitted in place.

Next section of work was the cutting and fitting of the new teak deck,This was carried out using stainless steel fixings and 2 pack adhesive all were glued and doweled.

After the new teak deck was fitted all the seams were cleaned and all planks taped up ready for priming.

We applied 2 layers of Clear Sikalfex primer, followed by 2 layers of Sikaflex 290DC deck caulking in all seams.

Finally all excess sika was trimmed and the deck was sanded flush.

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