New window install on a 32ft Sunseeker

Contacted us in January 2020 with regards to the windscreen on the Sunseeker, aged had taken its toll and it had become star crazed.
The boat wasn’t in Southsea marina so John arranged to visit the boat to inspect the work before providing cost.
Once the cost was agreed we set to work undoing all the stainless fixing and plates that held the window panel in place, all parts were named/marked ready for refitting, some were easy to remove others took more time and needed to be drilled out.

Once we had all the new perspex we were ready to refit the panels back on the boat installed the metal work and applied a Sikaflex seal around the all the windows.
The whole working area was then cleaned ready for owners inspection of work.

All parts and landings were cleaned and all perspex was taking to maunfatures of replacments.

We had to make amould for the sides panels, this was made from plywood forming materials, however as the mid window had more than 25mm deflection from 1 side edge to the other across the flats a more detailed forma had to be made, 2 mould were made from fibreglass with a wood frame.

Once we had all the perspex back we were ready to refit the panels back to the boat, install the metal work and apply a sikaflex seal around all the windows.

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