Re-spray on RM890

This boat came to during 2016 for the re-spray of the hull, as we were unsure on the paint system that had been used previous we had to carry out some test to guarantee the new paint system (AwlCraft) will be compatible with the old.

After this was carried out it was apparent that extensive sanding was required to remove the original paint system, Generally we allow 12hrs of prep sanding so the hull is clean and ready for the epoxy Primer, with this project a total of 48.5hrs were required. Due to the extensive sanding we then had to apply a specialist hi-build primer followed by 5 layers of Hi-build before moving on to the 545 epoxy primer.
Once the hi-build layers were complete, we then made a start with the 545 Epoxy primer coats, 5 in total were sprayed on with filling fairing of the hull.
After Primer coats applied we sanded down the hull and gave her a wash down ready for the top coat application.

In this project the colour we used was Awlgrip 2000 Topcoat Orange RAL 2004, we applied 4 layers before sanding the hull back and applying another 4 layers of topcoat.

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