Southerly 42 – Coppercoat application and more

This southerly contacted us in November 2020, primarily for some general maintenance such as B&P, gel repairs and teak clean after weighing up their options the owners opted for the application of Copper Coat also.

This boat has a drop keel and 3 rudders, so although not unusual this was not a standard Copper coat application, here is her story….

Upon lift out at Southsea, we carried out a walk around inspection making note of any defects, gel repairs, teak condition etc.

She was then blasted to remove all the old antifoul and any debri from the hulls surface.

Once this was complete and her dry time over we grinded/sanded the drop keel and exposed plate area, applied 2 coats of ruster stopper, allowed for this to dry and applied a blast epoxy to all exposed areas, we allowed this to harden before placing her back onto the blocks.

She was then sanded any defect, gel repair etc where marked using masking tape

Once moved into the shed, we applied a fast setting epoxy coating to the drop keel and plate before applying 5 coats of copper coat to the same areas.

Any gel repairs etc were repaired during this time.

Next we prepped the hull and rudder for the Copper coat application, and applied 4 coats of  Copper coat to hell and rudders, we also epoxied the keel as this was blasted along with hull.

We did need some additional time with the rudders as the top and bottom bearing were not quite in alignment, these were corrected upon fitting and all were in working order.

While she was out and having some work done the owners opted for a new stern thruster to be installed, the install process was as follows –

Tent up aft space, grind area out for removal of stern tube and webs etc.
Cut outside section of stern tube and outside of hull, clean up.
Cut out all internal parts in association of stern tube and additional support.
Grind away debri left and flush off so ready for internal glass work.
Cut all required laminates for inside and out, apply all laminates using polyester resin, clean up area.
Sand outside area back to fair finish
Inside: Sand all workingarea, fill and fair area and apply 3 coats of finishing gel to match internal colour.
Remove all tent and give another clean of the area
Install thruster as per install manual/instructions

Our final job on this bat was to clean all teak with a teak cleaner and renovator, all areas were wiped down on completion.
We also cleaned and polished all metal work by hand.

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