Sparkman & Stephens 36f SY – Keel and plank work

‘Clarinet’ – The 36ft Sailing yacht was custom made by Sparkman and Stephens ltd
The boat hit an object in the water at speed and was taking on water.
The boat was lifted at Southsea Marina and JWS was asked to take a look at the damage caused to the keel and if any subsequent damage to the hull and hull planking had been caused, as JWS marine has a wealth of experience in the restoration and refit to the old wooden boats.

We were instructed to supply an estimate of repair based on our findings.
The repair required was to the keel and plank with fracturing along the plank grain, we removed the anti-foul with soda blasting and then sanded the hull clean so the hull could be checked again for any hidden damage to the planks etc.
JWS repair the splits in the planking and splined seams by routing out along the plank length and replacing with new milled splines as required and rake out any disturbed putty. Clean up and replace old caulking as required  then re-fill the seams with linseed putty as required, prime the hull and re-anti-foul the hull to finish.

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