Yamaha Jet-ski Fiberglass repair

Came to us for repair covered by their insurance policy in July 2020.

The engine had to be removed to gain access to internal working and repair fracture, once this access was made we started to cut away all fractured area and grind backed all the fractured ares both inside and out.
All laminates were cut and prepped ready for laminating the damaged area, the application of the laminate was carried out on both the inside and out of the damaged area as required to re-build areas back to the original thickness.
The inside of the repair was sanded back and the a gel coat matching the internal colour was applied, the outside repair was sanded down and then the area was filled and fired with gelcoat.


The hull was shaped back to required finished lines and a black gel coat applied to the repair area, the gel coat was then shaped and the hull polished.

The hull had a full internal and exsturnal clean ready  for engine to be fitted.

When it came to refitting the engines, the control panel flaged up a engine managerment fault, this was more than likely a fault with the ECU,  althoug this was not related to the work JWS carried out, we did arrange for the engine to be hooked up and tested by a specialist machine and the fault was corrected later that same day.

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