Refurbishment of a mast and varnish work on a Pilot cutter

We moved the mast into the workshop and set about stripping then fittings from the mast, these were refitted upon completion of varnish.
All the old varnish was then stripped from the mast, boom and bow sprits, all were sanded to a good finish.
We then applied 4 coats of SP3000 Epoxy primer and then 6 coats of clear Anti UV varnish.
The owner was very happy with the finish so decided to have all the wooden fittings on superstructure/deck varnished also, the same process as above was carried out.

The owner was happy with the varnishing carried out on the mast, to carry the look through the boat the owner opted to have the cabin sides, entrance hatch, grab rails and all with wooden rubbbing strake around the hull re-varnished also.
All were varnished using the same process and coat application as the mast.

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